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Recording of January 20 Mega Event with UK Funeral Director John O’Looney, Dr. Scott Jensen, Dr. Jessica Rose, and Steve Kirsch ⭐️Passcode: ftW9!F.u

Recording of December 30 Critical Early Covid Treatments and Covid Vaccine Danger Awareness Event for the Jewish Community with Dr Ryan Cole MD, ( Board Certified Immunologist, Virologist and Pathologist)  Passcode: UEy$U*7#


For anyone who feels pressured to take the shot “for their job”.. here’s what happened to to 109 pilots this year who felt that pressure.. but now they certainly can’t support their families from their graves.  (2019, 1 pilot death. 2020, 6 pilot deaths. 2021, 109 pilot deaths by September ..). For copy of full article click pilots death .


The FDA asked a federal judge to grant it 55 years to fully release all of Pfizer’s trial data. When attorney Aaron Siri challenged that in court, the FDA doubled down and asked for 75 years instead! It’s sitting on over 400,000 pages of documents it obviously has an interest in keeping secret.
FDA Doubles Down COVID-19 Vaccine Data
FDA Produces the First 91+ pages of Documents from Pfizer’s COVID-19 Vaccine File

A Myth is Born: How CDC, FDA, and Media Wove a Web of Ivermectin Lies That Outlives The Truth

Asymptomatic transmission and COVID-19: overhyped and overstated and we were misled by the COVID-19 Task Force to drive lockdowns and masking .

Open Letter to the Jewish People December 8

Rabbanim Around the World speak up

קונטרס ארחות יושר

מחאה נמרצת

open letter to rabbi schoenfeld


A message of reassurance about the variants from  Dr. Ryan Cole MD, and Dr. Richard Urso MD, COVID treatment experts:

There is zero reason to fear the newest “variant” of coronavirus any more than the others. EARLY TREATMENT WORKS. Treat corona like a rattlesnake bite -in other words, immediately.
There are many types of effective treatments to use.
Please see, protocols on this site, and at Get a qualified healthcare provider who is experienced in early treatment to help you.
1). The naturally immune will be fine.
2). Children will be fine.
3). There are treatments for the virus, for the inflammation and for the blood clots.
4). The variants have escaped the vaccines.

It’s not that hard, if you follow real science and not hysteria.

The latest scaremongering is simply more of what has been their game plan the world over. Mass hysteria, lock down the healthy despite no data. Wear masks, despite counter data. Masks have zero RCTs showing any effectiveness against respiratory viruses.

Nothing has changed with the “new variant”, only the vaccinated have full susceptibility and a poor T cell response due to vaccination.

Do not give in to fear. Maintain faith in G-d, treat early, pray, and remember that Covid “vaccination” only INCREASES the odds of a poor outcome.


Rabbinical Court Meeting November 21 in Brooklyn to hear expert testimony on the Covid injections:
David Wiseman   /  Paul Alexander  /  Ryan Cole  /  Steve Kirsch  /  Richard Urso  /  Yoni, personal testimony  /  Charles Hoffe  /  Attorney Thomas Renz  /  Rabbi Uri Sofer  /  Senator Ron Johnson  /  Zev Zelenko  /  Richard Bartlett.

For the latest scientific research data on Covid-19, children and vaccines, click here:  Protecting Our Children From COVID 19 Vaccines .


Kol Kora for Adults With Signatures

Rabinical Court Ruling of Oct 26,’21
Hebrew: Kol Korei
English: Kol Korei in English

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