Aug 30, 23==>event; return of mandates
Event “Have You Stopped Trusting Yet?” With Funeral Director John O’Looney, Dr. Mike Yeadon, Sasha Latypova, and Dr. Meryl Nass MD, August 20, 1 -4 PM
Childrens-Vaccines-Sunday-July-30-2023 at-1-PM-Eastern-Time.pdf
Dr. David Martin: EVIDENCE Covid-19 Was Biological Warfare On The Human Race
Dr. McCullough online testimony  ==>  Vaccines, Increased Deaths and Medical Research tied together .
Recording of May 14 WHO/CBDC/ClotShot Conference
Online Sunday May 14, 23 @ 7:30 PM to fight back against the Central Bank Digital Currency for control of the world population.
Dr. Malhotra explains how the vaccine causes myocarditis and death
Recording of June 21 Rabbonim and doctors meeting in Boro Park
Fox News   Steve Kirsch VIDEO-2022-08-11-12-26-32
Babies at Risk June 21, 22 meeting 7:30 PM
FDA Proposes Poison Shots for Babies

Protocol* for Covid, Long Covid, Vaccine Adverse Reactions

March 20 event with Dayan Friedman, Dr. Zelenko, Dr. Cadegiani, Edward Dowd, Phil Harper, Dr. Hodkinson, Richard Hirschman, and Rabbi Pollak.
TOGETHER fake ivermectin trial discrediting it (power-point presentation)
Recording of March 6 Rofim International Bikur Cholim Lifesaving Event with:
March 6 Rofim International Bikur Cholim Lifesaving Event

Sunday-Feb-27-protest   speech  text  Sunday-Feb-27-Rally-speech.pdf     and    voice/video on–what-in-the-world-is-happening.html
Recording of Dr. David Martin PhD speaking in Crown Heights Motzaei Shabbos February 12
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Rabbinical Highlights by Dr. David Martin


Rofim International Bikur Cholim Treatment Conference with Dr. Richard Urso, Dr. Ryan Cole, Dr. Paul Marik, Dr. Pierre Kory, Dr. Flavio Cadegiani.
Jan 30, 2022
Passcode: @123456A
Scroll past the first approximately 39 minutes 50 seconds which was somehow recorded before the program started.
Zoom divided the recording into 2 separate videos (both contained in this link.)
Recording of workshop (Jan 23,’22) with healthcare practitioners:
(Passcode: y2mq8^i=)
Practitioners’ contact information:
Amanda Wright
+61439682120 WhatsApp/PHN
+27622034102 Michal PHN number
Rena Levin – 410 994 6345
Rena’s website : healing
Naomi korbman
Esther Black
Dr frischman/ Yocheved
Whatsapp for TJM is 323-617-0431. Our office is 972 2-641-5355.


Jan. 24, ’22  session in Washington DC with R Senator Ron Johnson is a must-see. Extremely powerful and persuasive evidence contained in the testimony of the many high profile doctors.

Sen. Ron Johnson panel discussion

38 minutes of highlights of the DC conf with ron johnson, for those who do not have patience for five hours:

Here are individual segments from the full version:
Remdesivir vs Ivermectin:
Ivermectin works. They suppressed it.
Many hospitals aren’t trustworthy they’re preventing treatments:
Pandemic of the unvaccinated is a lie:
They are blocking medical exemptions through intimidation:
DOD whistleblowers:
Weakened immune system via vax:
Academic fraud. They are skewing the numbers:
Spike protein:
First hand testimony:


Recording of January 23 amazing workshop with healthcare practitioners:

⭐️ (Passcode: y2mq8^i=)


Recording of January 20 Mega Event with UK Funeral Director John O’Looney, Dr. Scott Jensen, Dr. Jessica Rose, and Steve Kirsch ⭐️Passcode: ftW9!F.u


January 9 Mega Event:

Dr. Mark McDonald MD, Psychiatrist
Dr. James Thorp MD, OB-GYN Maternal Fetal Medicine Specialist
Dr. Richard Urso MD, Covid Treatment Specialist, Ocular Oncologist
⭐️Passcode: #i9hj%T2
Accompanying Resources:
Dr. Mark McDonald:
Dissident MD Substack:
Informed Dissent podcast:
America’s Frontline Doctors:
Early Covid Care:

Recording of December 30 Critical Early Covid Treatments and Covid Vaccine Danger Awareness Event for the Jewish Community with Dr Ryan Cole MD, ( Board Certified Immunologist, Virologist and Pathologist)   Passcode: UEy$U*7#

• Must Read (If you want to know the truth!)

• November 23 OUTSTANDING interview with Dr. Paul Marik MD, Dr. Heshie Klein MD, and Dr. Richard Bartlett MD.

*Effective early treatments AND ICU treatments for Covid that are being suppressed and why.

*Emergency Room Dr. Bartlett tells the truth about the strokes and paralysis he’s seeing in the ER after the Covid shots. ⭐️Passcode: 6L4b0D^e

•Rabbinical Court Meeting November 21 in Brooklyn to hear expert testimony on the Covid injections:

7 hours of testimony by:

Dr. David Wiseman

Dr. Paul Alexander

Dr. Ryan Cole

Steve Kirsch

Dr. Richard Urso

Yoni, personal testimony

Dr. Charles Hoffe

Attorney Thomas Renz

Rabbi Uri Sofer

Senator Ron Johnson

Dr. Zev Zelenko

Dr. Richard Bartlett

•November 9 Zoom event with Dr. David Wiseman PhD and Attorney Barry Black Esq. Passcode: C*g@jEw8

• November 7 Save the Kids Event from Flatbush!

Deborah Conrad, PA, Whistleblower

Dr. Ryan Cole, MD

Attorney Tricia Lindsay

Dr. Michelle Perro, MD

Dr. Christiane Northrup, MD

Attorney Thomas Renz

Jo Rose, Educator

Curtis Cost, CHD

Dr. Dave Rasnick, PhD

Covid Vax Injury Victim Yoni

Kevin Jenkins, CEO Urban Global Health Alliance

Cait Corrigan, Religious Exemption Expert

Vera Sharav, Holocaust Survivor

Rabbi Daniel Green

Mo Olivierre, DOH plaintiff

By the grace of G-d Tuesday October 26 

Emergency Rabbinical Court Meeting on the Corona Injections 

8 hours of expert testimony by:

Dr. Geert Vanden Bossche

Dr. Peter McCullough

Dr. Robert Malone

Attorney Thomas Renz

Dr. Jane Ruby

Dr. Michael Yeadon

Dr. Christiane Northrup

Dr. Janci Lindsay

Dr. Richard Urso

Dr. Jessica Rose

Plus healthcare providers caring for victims and victims telling their own stories

The Rabbis issued a strong decision in the wake of this testimony (See Daas Torah Link). 

• Wednesday October 13 Zoom conference on the Covid shot mandates: Attorney Tricia Lindsay Rav Shlomo A. Pollak Passcode: wD.g1H%S

•  October 12 Zoom conference on dealing with the Covid shot mandates:

Dayan Rav Yoel M. Friedman,

Dr. Jancy Lindsay, and more.

Halachic, medical, and legal guidance. Passcode: 9dk+NRqw

•Williamsburg October 10 Dayan Friedman, Dr. Urso, Del Bigtree and more

•Rabbi Yitzchak Dovid Smith on testing trap and religious exemptions

• Children’ Health Defense Religious Exemption Workshop for the Jewish community, recording from September 19. Including advice from top legal experts on HOW to write religious exemption letters that will be honored, and messages from Rabbonim. PLEASE SHARE WIDELY AND SAVE LIVES!–xCMaaibWxZz4Wo7VrRZwZ2HAe2eYHVom20F7c8ewxLakUAItWQTsCCibHukhNMH-P07Q1u.-DkrG1LiKxTLHUhj

•Flatbush event 2: September 12, Merkaz Hasimcha

•Third Boro Park event, Tzom Gedalya, September 9: Rav Uri Sofer and more

•Second Boro Park event:

•First Boro Park event- Dr. Zelenko EXCELLENT presentation

•Lakewood : (Featuring Rav Shlomo Pollak, Dr.Sukharit Bhakdi, and more).

•Monsey- August 24

•Zoom event with Dr. Jane Ruby: Passcode: Kf02nJp+

•Dr. McCullough disproves Dr. Glatt:

•Livestream only event: (July- Rav Uri Sofer and Dr. Zelenko)

•Flatbush: Event 1 (June)