We are a dedicated group of doctors, scientists, and activists who devote our lives to doing everything we can to save lives.

Our members include:

  • Jacy Alves Braga de Andrade MD
  • Ryan Cole MD
  • Jancy Lindsay PhD
  • Gabriel Lorber MD
  • Christiane Northrup MD
  • Michelle Perro, MD, pediatrician
  • Jane Ruby PhD
  • Attorney Thomas Renz
  • Jessica Rose PhD
  • Alexandra Shustina DO
  • Michael Yeadon PhD
  • Richard Urso MD
  • David Wiseman PhD
  • Vladimir Zev Zelenko MD
  • Shirley Zelikovsky MD 


The lives of so many people in this world are hanging in the balance. Some of us are more aware then others of the grave danger that humanity is facing at this pivotal time. MACABIM.org is working around the clock to try to wake up each community that we can reach worldwide in order to save all of humanity. Please join us in our endeavor.